The Canadian taxation system uses tax credits to deduct your income tax payable. This means that even with a low income, tax returns are difficult. You may not be using the tax credits you deserve. The Canada Revenue Agency will not give you these credits unless you ask for them. That's where we come in. We find ways to optimize your tax credits and minimize your income taxes. 

We take away the complexity of filing your own taxes and receiving unpleasant and surprising charges for incorrectly filing your return.
We offer an incredible value for the price of the tax return. Not only are our prices very reasonable, but we offer year-round assistance with any reviews and issues arising from your tax return. In addition, we are one of very few firms to provide you with the full copy of the tax return; invaluable documents for future referrals.
In addition, we specialize in complex capital gains, rental income, and tax shelters. We file thousands of income tax returns and we have the resources to deal with any issue, regardless of how difficult it is.


Business income is taxed very unfavourably. A few minutes with us could save you thousands of dollars. Consultation and fee evaluation is FREE.

Businesses in Canada are exhaustively taxed. For example, with a meager $30,000 net income (which typically is $100,000 gross income), you still have to pay nearly $6,000 in income taxes!, Plus HST! That's why it is very important to get it right. We have helped business owners save money for over 30 years.
From truckers and construction specialists, to medical professionals and retailers. Very often, a simple act of incorporation can save thousands of dollars. We can also look at your previous-year income taxes.
Saving is just a phone call away.


The largest segment of our work is corporate taxation. With over 30 years of experience in this field, we handle virtually all corporate tax situations, ranging from simple to complicated business situations and acquisitions and disposals of capital property.

With changes to corporate taxation requirements by the Canada Revenue Agency, the introduction of General Index of Financial Information (GIFI), and other relevant filing requirements, corporate filing has become a real chore. However, due to large volume, we keep our prices to the absolute minimum.


The last thing you want to think about when your loved one dies is his or her final tax return. We will take care of everything, letting you focus on other, more meaningful things during this dreadfully difficult time.

We cover everything including

  • Final personal (T1) tax return
  • Testamentary trust (T3) tax return for the estate
  • "Right and Things" tax return
  • Business tax return
  • CPP death benefits
  • Tax deferral strategies

There are slightly different rules for income tax calculation upon death. There can be more than one return filed, thereby lowering or eliminating the income taxes owed. Let us worry about the best options, while you take care of other things.

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