There is a great variety of tax and accounting software available on the market today. However, they are completely rigid. Although they provide correct Canada Revenue Agency results, there is no degree of flexibility for varying tax scenarios. Optimization of tax results is an extremely burdensome and mentally intensive process, generally not facilitated by commercial software. Our clients (and we) expected not only legal and correct bookkeeping results, but also the most favourable changes, variations, and future tax results within seconds. This was unobtainable with any commercially-available software, resulting in considerable investment in our own software. Now, after years of development and improvements, our custom-made system provides invaluable benefits for our clients and us. Here are the software systems we use:

Tax Pro

Our software used for calculating Income Tax and Benefit Returns. It has a tremendously low error rate. In fact, it is even lower than the Canada Revenue Agency's error rate.


The acronym stands for General Index of Financial Information. In short, it is our accounting software, which is extremely quick and functional. It cuts input time by 80%.


Our payroll software, used to offer the flexibility and efficiency demanded by our clients.
It allows you to control virtually all the values used in calculating payroll.

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