Taxtronix History


Period of Hand-Prepared Paper Returns 1976 - 1986

Taxtronix, originally known as J&L Sulimierski Income Tax, was founded in February 1976 by Mr Jacek Sulimierski. As the history goes, it was in the Shakey Bay (across the street from the present Bloor office), while on temporary layoff, when the monumental decision was made. Taxation is a creative endeavor and it fitted the personality and character of the founder, a creative architect himself. In the early years all tax returns were done by hand, a difficult and tedious task.
However, always the innovator, Mr Sulimierski made attempts to use a computer for filing tax returns already in 1979. Unfortunately, the computer software and hardware available at the time was very poor and limited. The early 1980's computer revolution helped to materialize this dream. In 1984 a group of five programmers under the direction of Mr. Fred Hung started working on the taxation software. Exactly two years later, in February of 1986, Taxtronix celebrated the first year of computerized tax returns. It was a tremendous success, especially since Taxtronix was selected by the Canada Revenue Agency as the only firm in the country to test the computer generated plain paper returns.


Period of Computerized Returns 1986 - 1993

During this time, Taxtronix was using its own computer software, which caused rapid growth and development of the company. The software was designed to allow our clients optimal use of all potential tax benefits. Taxtronix was also one of the first few firms in Ontario to get its own E-file module approved and to have unprecedented business growth. From 1987 to 1992 Taxtronix noted a 700% increase in the number of clients.



Movement towards Bookkeeping and Accounting 1993 - 2002

From our expanded clientele came a strong demand for related services in the accounting field. Taxtronix began offering accounting, bookkeeping and payroll services. Upon expanding into these services, it was quickly discovered that the various needs of our clients in these areas where not being met. Because there were no adequate tools to produce results of the required quality, Taxtronix once again ventured into designing and producing its own software. This labor-intensive and expensive development process (which eventually cost over $250,000) culminated in the wonderfully simple and efficient accounting software called GIFI. In 2001 the first workable version of GIFI came about. From then on GIFI was ready to handle all accounts from small-to medium-sized businesses in a more efficient and less expensive manner when compared to others accounting software.





Software Development 2003 - Present

During this period, the GIFI software had become an incredible asset for the company. It made accounting much more efficient, and was a beneficial tool for Taxtronix and its clients. Increased number of accounting commissions required expansion of GIFI and ultimate expertise in the corporate taxation area. In addition to accounting, many Taxtronix clients required payroll services, so the company searched for a fast and flexible payroll software program. After an extensive and frustrating search produced no positive results, Taxtronix ventured into software development again to design its own payroll software system. PAYHELP is presently used by hundreds of Taxtronix clients and is available for small and medium sized businesses.
Currently, Taxtronix is developing an online communication platform that will allow an accountant/tax preparer to communicate with a tax filer via e-mail and the internet. Wefile.ca is in the early stages of development, and eager management hopes that in the near future it will revolutionize the future of taxation services.
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