Our Achievements

Our staff consists of a brilliant group of accountants with more than 10 years of experience, payroll specialists, junior associates, and an international programming team. First and foremost, our president, Mr. Sulimierski, has been in the tax accounting business for over 30 years. He is an expert by any means, skilled in even the most difficult situations.

With such a talented team, no wonder we have achievements such as:

  • Preparing thousands of personal, business, and corporate tax returns
  • Developing our own accounting, payroll, and tax return software
  • Unique quality control method to ensure the elimination of mistakes in tax returns
  • Error rate  is lower than that of the Canada Revenue Agency and  lower in the industry average (base on available data)
Mississauga: 702 Burnhamthope Rd. - Mississauga, L4Y 2X3 - Phone: 905.949.9988 - Fax: 905.949.2965
Bloor: 2290 Bloor St. West - Toronto, M6S 1N9 - Phone: 416.769.4558 - Fax: 416.769.2905
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